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MaineFloat Picnic Table Boat: Available for Rent

Reserve today and enjoy your stay (a little more)

This unique picnic table boat with electric motor is available for rent for your entire stay only.  This is not available for individual nights and must be reserved for your entire stay at The Lake House.

The perfect device for the entire family to take to the water for a floating lunch, cut throat card game or leisurely sunset tour of Belleau Lake, this 12' picnic table rental comes outfitted with an electric motor (equivalent 2HP), built in cup holders, an umbrella and solar panel for trickle-down battery charging.  Used on its lowest speed, the table will operate for approximately five hours on a full charge.  When not in use, it extends the large stationary dock and becomes a floating picnic table for all to enjoy.

The picnic table boat is a registered watercraft and all NH boating laws must be followed at all times.  Children age 12 and under must wear a PFD while picnic table boat is underway.

Picnic table boat with electric motor is available for rent during your stay for $150 per night (plus taxes & fees).  Mid-stay reservations cannot be accepted; you must reserve in advance.  Contact us today to learn more or book this truly unique experience.


Liability Waiver

Operational Video

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